Let us introduce ourselves... We are Karu

Log Cabin Karu Luxury bags and accessories for men and women

Karu is a luxury brand that specializes in leather bags and accessories for men and women. Karu is inspired by the Nordic wilderness and our products are artfully crafted from exquisite Vegetable Tanned Leather and other natural and sustainable materials.

We focus on traditionally handcrafted leather goods, inspired by Scandinavian life-style, minimalism and sustainability.

All Karu products are made entirely by hand in our own studio, from the very first design concept until the finishing touches. Measuring, Cutting, and Sewing all done with traditional methods - by hand.

Our Brand

We use the highest quality, sustainable vegetable tanned leather' and oversee every step of the production process, to ensure items that are made to last a lifetime.
Natural, minimal and functional.

We believe in products that are made to last: in both quality and style. Leather has been used throughout time because of its durable and flexible nature. Our products are designed to be functional using minimal design, and left looking natural thus emphasising the beauty of the leather. Karu is inspired by the beautiful, tranquil Nordic nature, and stays true to its deeply embedded Finnish roots. 


How it all began...

Our journey in leather working began quite some years ago now. I needed a new wallet, but like any other student, I couldn't afford buy exactly the kind of wallet I wanted. So rather than spend my money on something I didn't really like, I waited. Until one day, I came across a lovely little fabrics market in the city I now call my home, Utrecht. After spending a little while there I found the greatest thing of all: A stand full of leather hides and scraps. And there the spark of an idea began.

"I can make one from leather myself"

So I bought some nice pieces of leather, went to a handful of craft stores around the city and got my self some basic leather crafting tools, whereafter I started straightaway.

From then onwards, I visited the same market every Saturday, buying new pieces of leather, practicing my skills and learning new ones, designing new wallets, purses and other accessories. All of the sudden it wasn't just a wallet, I could make all sorts accessories, exactly the way I liked them. It wasn't long before I had created a small collection all for myself, and so Karu was born.

How far have we come?

We have grown a lot in skill since our first successful Crowdfunding campaign to get Karu of the ground. Now we are a team of two self taught craftsmen, making every single one of our pieces by hand in our Atelier in the historic city centre of Utrecht.

At the moment we are planning some exciting partnerships with retailers, and we are working hard on increasing the offerings in our standard collections. But remember: we love making bespoke and custom items, so that our customers can get the bag they have always dreamt of.

Watch this space for upcoming blogs on us, Craftsmanship, and Sustainability and much, much more!


The Karu team

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