Hello, we are glad you're here. This is where the magic happens. Let’s give shape to your dreams, through the shape of your unique leather item.

We can help you express your individuality through a bag, a backpack, a wallet or any other leather item that you have in mind. Whether you want to bring it to life starting with a blank slate, to add your touch to an existing model with intricate customizations, or to give us full reign to craft something special, we will make sure your new BESPOKE item will suit your style and needs.

Creating BESPOKE leather items is not only completely in our wheelhouse, but it is also our favourite part of Karu Atelier. We are not going to lie: this service is as much about you as it is about us - our passion, creativity and craftsmanship. It is how we connect with our customers.

Take the first step: tell us your wishes and dreams!

If you are unsure about certain details of your future BESPOKE item, feel free to skip the question and we will discuss it later.

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What will happen next?

Thank you for telling us your wishes and dreams for your BESPOKE leather item. We are happy to work with open and creative people like you. Either Daniela or Bart will personally reach out to you via email, within 5 working days. From there, we will set up a consultation to kick off the creation process together.

What will be the price for my BESPOKE leather item?

We are already used to creating made-to-order items, so we are able to keep the price of your BESPOKE item fair. In terms of prices, our BESPOKE items are comparable to the rest of our made-to-order items, depending on their size and design complexity. Starting from this price, you can expect to add around €35 for the design of a small bag with a clean design, and up to €175 for an intricate large briefcase. Plus any extra customizations. Don't fret, no mental maths is needed to get in touch with us. We will provide you with an estimated price as soon as we understand what you would like, no strings attached. After we finalize the design, we will also ask you for half of the item's total price, as a downpayment.

When will my BESPOKE item be ready?

We may need more than one consultation together, to nail down your exact BESPOKE design together. We are open to this, and see it as a collaboration. Good things take time. Moreover, once we decide on the design, we can give you an estimate of when your BESPOKE item will be ready. This mainly depends on the source of the materials we pick and the design complexity.

Do the same benefits of the items from the permanent collection apply to BESPOKE items?

Absolutely! No matter which shape and form your BESPOKE item takes, you are guaranteed free shipping within the European Union and a lifelong repair warranty.