In a world full of mass produced designs, it's sometimes hard to stand out from the crowd, or find that gem that suits every single one of your needs without compromise.

At Karu Atelier you can get a bag that is as unique as you are. As all of our bags are already made-to-order, the step to fully bespoke bags is smaller than for most brands. Because of this we can offer bespoke designs at a fair price. customization, custom colors, and entirely bespoke products are always possible.

Whether you just want some initials, an added pocket, or an item designed to your specifications just for you:
We can do it all!

For existing designs

Complimentary customisations:

Custom strap/chain length

Embossed initials

Custom lining color

Gold colored hardware and logo (instead of the standard silver color)

Extra charge customizations:

Added pockets

Size deviations 

Custom hand-dyed leather color


Bespoke designs

Together with you we can design a custom bag entirely to your needs and specifications. 

Steps to make your own bespoke design:

1. You send us all the specification that you need your custom bag to have. We need to know what features you want, including the size, and any specific things you want to be able to fit inside. If you have already made sketches yourself, or if you have some inspiration pictures these would also be very welcome.

2. We calculate an estimate of total price including design fee (without obligation).*

3. Once the price has been accepted, we design the bag together with you (First sketch, edits, final design).

4. Choose any of our standard or hand-dyed leather colors

5. Choose a lining color

6. Choose an edge color

7. Choose a thread color

8. Choose gold or silver colored hardware and logo

*Our bespoke designs carry a design fee depending on the size and complexity of the design. These fees range from €35 for minimal mini bags up to €175 for intricate briefcase designs. The fee is used to cover the costs of designing and making custom templates, and gets determined after we receive all the necessary information regarding the specifications of your bag (step 1). Besides this design fee, you can expect a similar price for your bespoke design compared to similar sized bags in our standard collections.
Fill out our contact form at the bottom of this page to get in contact with us and design your dream bag!