Leather Care

Well-crafted, full-grain leathers last forever - as long as you treat them well. Here are a few easy tips to care for your Karu Atelier item:


Use a soft cloth or a soft bristle brush to remove any dust particles and moisture from your leather item. We recommend staying clear of liquid cleaning solutions for vegetable-tanned leather items.

If you find any stains, use a mild cleaning solution such as micellar water. Apply it gently, with a cotton pad. Always test first in a discreet area such as the inside of your bag. 


Grab a dry cloth and rub it over the Natural Leather Balm. A small amount goes a long way. Then, rub the cloth over the surface of the leather, using gentle circular strokes. Pay special attention to dry patches and scuffs.

There are a lot of leather balms and conditioners out there on the market that are filled with chemicals that are bad for your health and the environment, such as petroleum oils. Please don’t use them on our leather items. If you don’t have Karu Atelier’s natural leather balm, you can use olive oil. Always do a patch test.
Next, take another clean soft cloth and buff the whole surface of your item, to get it nice and shiny.

We clean and moisturize our bags once a month and recommend you do too. Consequently, when it rains or snows, we give our bags some extra TLC right before leaving the house.


When you don’t use your leather bag, help it maintain its shape by stuffing it with paper or textiles. Make sure to stuff the corners too, but don’t overdo it.

Store it somewhere airy and dry and avoid covering it in plastic, as it won’t allow the leather to breathe. A cotton cloth bag is best.