The Leather We Use

Vegetable tanned leather

We only use the very best, full-grain, vegetable tanned leather.

At Karu we care deeply about sustainability, both environmental, as well as social. And because we are committed to only using the very best quality materials available, we strictly use organic, full-grain vegetable tanned leather from our chosen artisanal tannery in Spain.

This tannery is one of the remaining 5% of tanneries in the world, that strictly use vegetable tanning methods to produce their leather, and their process is certified non-toxic and organic. They exclusively source their hides from their local agricultural industry, and no animal is used just for its hide.

The leather is vegetable tanned using only plant extracts from Quebracho and Mimosa plants. After the leather is tanned, it is greased by hand. Several layers of natural fats and oils are applied, giving the leather a unique flexibility and texture.

The aesthetic of vegetable tanned leather is unparalleled and the patina that it develops with use over time cannot be produced any other way. It is also the only way to produce premium leather of desired quality while at the same time respecting our environment. The tannery has been given the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Certificate, which guarantees that the tannery is free of heavy metals as well as any substance that could be harmful to the environment of when in contact with human skin.

Learn more about our leather through this beautiful video documenting our chosen artisanal leather tannery, their history and craftsmanship.