We are Daniela and Bart. Ever since we joined the fashion industry together, we’ve been on cloud nine. We found a way to marry the Nordic aesthetic with the Dutch practicality, and are excited to pour our ideas into our leather craft, day after day. We feel ambitious and hopeful for the future because we continue to be far removed from the disheartening and distressing practices of the global fashion industry. We will always keep our atelier small and local. This way, we strive to leave our mark the way we know best: by putting sustainability, authenticity and style front and centre in everything we do.

What we care about deeply:


We can take you on a tour of our atelier in Amsterdam, if you’d like. You might be surprised: there will be no heavy machinery in sight. Instead, you will find a colourful selection of full-grain leather, knives, scalpels, pricking irons, ecological paints, natural wax, heating tools and more. It’s all done by hand, between the two of us, using centuries-old French and Italian leathercraft techniques. Imagine how intricate and meditative our work is: it can take 30 hours and thousands of stitches to assemble your one-of-a-kind bag.

Real leather that is truly environmentally friendly

How do we work with leather and respect the Earth at the same time? By only sourcing leather that is a by-product of the free-range agricultural industry, by keeping it full-grain (durable and flexible), and by having it tanned at a small artisanal tannery in Spain - one of the 5% tanneries in the world that strictly use vegetable tanning methods. Their process is also certified as non-toxic and organic (Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® Certificate), so it keeps both you and the environment healthy.

Standing the test of time

Nature is strong and adaptable, in an ever-changing world - and so is your bag. For years to come, this leather expresses its durability and flexibility through the most mesmerising patina. It is this grainy, natural look that makes a statement in its subtlety.

Each of our leather items is made to last. This is why they all come with a lifelong warranty. Keep the warranty as years go by and give us a shout if your item breaks. We’re happy to fix it for you, free of charge.

Made to order

Our bags don’t like to travel the globe throughout their manufacturing process. They are imagined, cut, hand-stitched, and embroidered in our private atelier, in Amsterdam. We only start working the leather once you placed an order, so no final product ends up unwanted, away in a landfill.

We work slowly and with care. For the environment, for you, and for your leather item. Even our packaging is minimal. We will send you your order in an unbranded recycled box, so you can keep using it.