Sample Sale | Burgundy Micro Chain Fold-Over Bag
Sample Sale | Burgundy Micro Chain Fold-Over Bag
Sample Sale | Burgundy Micro Chain Fold-Over Bag
Sample Sale | Burgundy Micro Chain Fold-Over Bag
Sample Sale | Burgundy Micro Chain Fold-Over Bag

Sample Sale | Burgundy Micro Chain Fold-Over Bag

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Graceful, elegant and powerful, our Micro Chain Fold-Over bag transitions perfectly from coffee in the city, to rooftop cocktails and fabulous nights spent on the dance floor. This mini bag is a breathtaking, yet minimal finish to any outfit.

Made from full grain burgundy vegetable tanned leather, the Micro chain fold-over has an unrivaled depth and richness to its color and feel making it intriguing to look at and touch. It features a long, detachable, elegant chain strap to use this bag as a shoulder bag and cross body bag, as well as a chain handle to use it as a handbag and even as a clutch.

 Hand-stitched and lined in suede, this bag is as luxurious on the inside as it is on the outside, and fits a deceptively generous amount of your accessories. Whether you just want to bring your phone, wallet and keys, or you also need your make-up and sunglasses: The Micro Chain Fold-Over Bag is the bag for you.

Type of bag:
Shoulder bag, Crossbody bag, Clutch Bag

Width: 18 cm - Height: 12 cm - Depth: 7 cm  

Methods & Materials:

Handcrafted, hand stitched (Read more)

Sustainable, vegetable tanned leather (Read more)


Payment Methods:

Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Klarna. (See details)


Care Tips

  1. Wipe the leather with a dry cloth (only use a damp cloth if completely necessary)
  2. Apply a natural leather balm regularly (every few weeks if you use the bag daily). If the weather forecast shows rain or snow, we recommend to treat your bag with leather balm to give your bag extra protection. Check out our leather balm for detailed instructions on how to treat your bag.
  3. If your bag gets wet, let it air dry. Wait until it is fully dry before applying a leather balm or wax.
  4. If you bag gets a scratch or scuff, apply leather balm as soon as possible. But don’t panic, scratches and scuffs tell a story and will gradually wear in over time.

Sustainable Materials

The exterior of this bag is handcrafted from premium burgundy vegetable tanned cow leather, which is the most sustainable option of real leather available on the market. It is extremely durable, gets better and more supple with age, creating a beautiful patina over time. The paints and glues used are non-toxic and not harmful to the environment.

Sustainable Production

At Karu Atelier we use traditional leather craft techniques and hand stitch all of our bags and accessories. We use locally sourced materials and hardware. We use almost no machines which means we can limit the amount of energy we use and Co2 we produce. We make most items to order to prevent dead stock and waste. These factors make our production line as sustainable as possible.

Leather Disclaimer

As our leather is a natural resource, each hide will be slightly different from each other. The leather has undergone an entire other journey before it became your bag. Small scars, scratches and color differences may appear. This adds to the ‘Karu’ character of the products, and should not be seen as a flaw. It makes each item unique.