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Handcrafted leather bags

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When what you wear brings you both care-free comfort and a clean style, you get to bring more of yourself into the day ahead. You walk a little taller. You smile a little wider. You hug your friends a little tighter. At Karu Atelier, craftsmanship, sustainability and practicality blend seamlessly into leather bags to accompany you wherever life takes you.  

How we do it at Karu Atelier

Hand Stitched

All our leather goods are made entirely by hand - the traditional way. By using a saddle stitch, we can ensure a well defined stitch line, and almost indestructible seams compared to what you can achieve with a sewing machine.

Natural Materials

Our vegetable tanned leather is natural, and gets better with age. The tanning process our chosen tannery uses is certified organic and non-toxic. By using hides that are a rescued by-product of the free range market, we ensure sustainable leather sourcing.

Made to order

All our items are made to order - in-house. This gives us full control over the production line, so we can ensure a consistently high level of quality and detail. Our made to order methods allow us to customize, create bespoke items, and prevent deadstock.

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