Lifelong Warranty

At Karu Atelier we believe, that if you treat it right, a quality leather item should last a lifetime if not longer. Landfills around the world are being filled with cheap handbags and other clothing that people throw away. This is not only a very expensive practice, as you continue to have to buy new things over and over again, it is also extremely harmful to the environment. At Karu we try to do what is right, both for people, and for the environment.

We create bags and accessories that last, in quality, durability, and style.  If something does happen to break, or come loose, we rather repair it than have it being thrown away. For this reason, and because we believe in the quality of our craftsmanship, and materials, we give all our products a lifetime repair warranty.
We repair the stitching and hardware on your product free of charge*.

All our leather is vegetable tanned. This means that it is the most natural leather possible. Our colors might fade or darken slightly with use and sunlight, and small scuffs and scratches may accumulate on your leather item. With time these will fade and wear in. Natural leather gains what is called a patina, which can be best described as its own personal fingerprint. For this reason we cannot provide repairs for stains (big or small) as this is a natural part of the leather forming it’s patina. Another problem we cannot provide repairs for is tearing, crushing or cuts in the leather due to the customers own misuse. If your handbag gets run over by a car and gets crushed there is just not much we can do.
Problems that are covered under warranty.
Broken or missing hardware.
Broken or loose stitching.
    Problems that are not covered under warranty.
    Punctured leather.
    Stains and tarnishing.
    Crushing of leather.
    Cracked edges
      *postage is paid by customer.